• July 22, 2022

Padang, July 22, 2022 – The Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Responsibility (CSER) program in the education sector has been carried out once again by PT IPC Terminal Petikemas/IPC TPK through free eye examinations for students and teachers at SDN 33 and SDN 42 Rawang Barat, South Padang, West Sumatra. With the theme of “Sharing Hundreds of Free Glasses”, more than 200 students and teachers underwent eye health examinations. From the results of the examination, 100 free glasses will be distributed. This program was held to celebrate National Children’s Day, which falls on July 23, and the 9th anniversary of IPC TPK, which fell on July 10, 2022.

“Taking advantage of the start of the new academic year, we hope that this program of Sharing Hundreds of Free Glasses can facilitate and improve the spirit of both students and teachers in teaching and learning activities. Our big dream is that caring programs like this can contribute to preparing a competent and excellent future generation of the nation,” said David Sirait, the CEO of IPC TPK.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, which requires students to engage in distance learning using electronic devices, has caused various eye health problems. As a result, many elementary school students experience vision problems when they return to face-to-face learning.

The symbolic presentation of free glasses was handed over by IPC TPK’s Teluk Bayur Area Manager, Agustian Chandra, to the principals of SDN 33 and SDN 42 Rawang Barat. After the eye health examinations, glasses were provided to students who experienced vision problems to facilitate the face-to-face learning process.

“We are very grateful for the assistance and concern from IPC TPK. They not only help students but also us teachers. Many of our students have been identified with vision problems, while eyesight plays a very important role in the teaching and learning process. We hope that activities like this can continue in the future because we feel the benefits firsthand,” said Risnanda, the principal of SDN 42 Rawang Barat.