Operational Area

IPC Terminal Petikemas Jambi

Jambi Port is located in Talang Duku, the downstream of Batanghari River, Jambi Province.

This port is equipped with a floating berth to overcome the difference in water levels during the rainy and dry seasons which can reach 8 m2 with a depth of -9 LWS. This floating berth consists of 3 units of 1,135.6 m2 area.

The other ports within the Jambi Port area are Kuala Tungkal Port, located at the Pangabuan River estuary, and Muara Sabak Port, located close to international sea transportation traffic (Malacca Strait and the South China Sea).

The main commodities of PT IPC Terminal Petikemas in the Jambi Area are crumb rubber, betel nut, moulding, and coconut.

length width breadth
Petikemas Talang Duku 102 M2 18 M2 1.836 M2
length width breadth
Lapangan TPK 1 Talang Duku 167 M2 38,2 M2 6379,4 M2
Lapangan TPK 2 Talang Duku 8.311 M2
Fixed Jib Crane2 Unit
Rail Mounted Gantry Crane3 Unit
Head Truck5 Unit
Chassis 20’, 40’, 45’6 Unit