Operational Area

IPC Terminal Petikemas Panjang

Panjang Port serves as the lifeblood of economic growth in Lampung. Its location at the crossing point of Sumatra and Java islands makes Panjang Port a very prospective port in the future. Panjang Port serves ships with various types of goods, such as general goods, bagged goods, liquid bulk, dry bulk and containers. The flow of containers continues to grow every year in line with the growth of industrial, mining, and plantation activities in Lampung. With the availability of supporting equipment, such as 3 container cranes, 5 transtainers, and top loaders, PT IPC Terminal Petikemas Area Panjang is ready to provide good services to users of Panjang Port Container Terminal.

The main commodities at PT IPC Terminal Petikemas Area Panjang are pineapple, coffee, pulp, rubber, frozen shrimp, banana, coconut, black pepper, and crude glycerine, and pineapple.

length width breadth
BREADTH 301 M2 29 M2 8.799 M2
Storage yard for Concrete Container
BREADTH 5.040 M2
Kran Darat5 Unit
Rebber Tired Gantry Crane5 Unit
Quay Container Crane3 Unit
Head Truck15 Unit
Side Loader1 Unit
Forklift4 Unit
Reach Stacker1 Unit
Chassis15 Unit