PT IPC Terminal Petikemas

As an inter-island and international container terminal service, IPC TPK provides various services to the service users.

The services provided by IPC TPK include services for Stevedoring, Haulage, Stacking Services, Receiving/Delivery and Other Container Services.

IPC TPK provides 24/7 services supported by an online integrated system for service activities at terminals, billing, and other services for the users.


The activities of loading and unloading containers from a ship to a berth/trailer and vice versa.


Layanan pengangkutan petikemas dengan menggunakan trailer/chasis dalam daerah area terminal dari dermaga ke lapangan penumpukan petikemas atau sebaliknya


The activities of stacking containers on the yard until the containers are to be loaded or handed over to the owner.


The activities of moving goods from stockpiles in warehouses/stacking areas, onto vehicles at the warehouse/stacking gates or vice versa.


Service that supports activities at the port including: Behandle Services, PLP, Stacking Depots, CFS, Plugging Monitoring Reefer, Stuffing / Stripping and others.