Company in Brief

PT IPC Container Terminal



Becoming an international container terminal operator that is integrated with maritime ecosystems.



Building an integrated network of container terminals to support the reduction of logistics costs and to increase national trade.

PT IPC Terminal Petikemas provides container services with an integrated and professional inter-ports network system.

PT IPC Terminal Petikemas operated in 6 ports across western and central Indonesia: Tanjung Priok Port, Jakarta; Pontianak Port, West Kalimantan; Panjang Port, Lampung; Palembang Port, Palembang; Teluk Bayur Port, Padang; and Jambi Port, Jambi.

PT IPC Terminal Petikemas was established on July 10, 2013, based on the Company Establishment Deed Number 25 which was made before Nur Muhammad Dipo Nusantara Pua Upa, S.H., M.Kn., and approved by the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia with the Decree Number AHU-40641.AH.01.01 July 25, 2013. PT IPC Terminal Petikemas also has attained a Port Business Entity (BUP) license through the Decree of the Minister of Transportation Number KP 853 the year 2014, November 13, 2014, to provide management services for container terminals and other port facilities.

PT IPC Terminal Petikemas is a subsidiary of PT Pelindo Terminal Petikemas with 99% share ownership and 1% share ownership belongs to PT Pelabuhan Indonesia Investama.

All services of PT IPC Terminal Petikemas are supported by modern and reliable facilities and supported by professional human resources who uphold the company’s code of conduct. With that spirit, we can meet the expectations of our stakeholders to encourage the flow of trade growth in Indonesia.

The Values of the Company