GCG Guidelines

Whistleblowing System

The Whistleblowing System (WBS) is introduced to strengthen the implementation of GCG as well as to provide opportunities for all PT IPC Terminal Petikemas personnel and stakeholders to be able to submit reports regarding any indications of violations of the applicable ethical values, with accountable evidence and good intentions.

PT IPC Terminal Petikemas provides a system to report fraudulent acts, corruption, and extortion for all stakeholders who have information and wish to report an act that indicates a violation committed by the personnel of PT IPC Terminal Petikemas.

Through this system, PT IPC Terminal Petikemas will become a better company and have competitiveness at both national and international levels. For PT IPC Terminal Petikemas personnel or stakeholders who submit the report, they will be given protection, both in terms of confidentiality of identity also from possible retaliation by the reported party.