Operational Area

IPC Terminal Petikemas Palembang

PT IPC Terminal Petikemas in Palembang Area provides container terminal facilities for domestic and international business trade in the South Sumatra region.

The services at PT IPC Terminal Petikemas Palembang Area include loading, unloading, receiving and delivery containers. Palembang Port is the largest river port in the Sumatra region and at the same time is the lifeblood of the economic growth of South Sumatra province. PT IPC Terminal Petikemas Palembang Area functions as the gateway to the economy of southern Sumatra and actively plays a role in distributing superior commodities that can increase regional income in southern Sumatra.

The superior commodities of PT IPC TPK in Palembang Area are coconut, rubber, wood products (MDF, fiberboard), tissue, and Palm Fatty Acid Distillate.

Length Width Breadth Depth
266 M2 100 M2 5,320 M2 (9) Mlws
  Storage yard for Concrete Container
BREADTH 59.157 M2
Equipment Unit
Rail Mounted Gantry Crane 4 Unit
Quay Container Crane 2 Unit
Head Truck 11 Unit
Side Loader 2 Unit
Reach Stacker 2 Unit
Chassis 9 Unit
1 Lapangan Penumpukan 49,530 M2
2 Tania Selatan 9,627 M2
3 Dermaga 5,320 M2
4 Gate In 537 M2
5 Akses Jalan Masuk 1,332 M2
6 Lahan Parkir Belakang Workshop 198 M2
7 Lahan Kantor 682 M2