• February 28, 2022

Jakarta, February 28, 2022 – The trend of technology in the port industry is developing rapidly globally. Port operators are required to optimize technology support in all aspects of operational activities in the port. Achieving ease of port services through digital transformation, Wahyu Hardiyanto, CEO of IPC TPK launched TOS Nusantara and Single Billing in the Tanjung Priok 1 Zone 1 Terminal 009 area. With the presence of TOS Nusantara and Single Billing, all operational service activities can be recorded and monitored through an integrated system with low implementation costs.

“The Covid-19 pandemic that has occurred in the past 2 years has accelerated the transformation towards digital technology because of limitations in physical interactions. Not excluding in the port, the TOS Nusantara and Single Billing services are a solution to create an integrated and unified terminal with a Planning and Control-based operational pattern. This system will be the embryo of the Terminal Operating and Single Billing System that will be applied as a standard in all container terminals in Indonesia,” said Wahyu Hardyanto at the TOS Nusantara & Single Billing Go-Live event in Tanjung Priok Port. TOS Nusantara is a system based on the latest technology that supports end-to-end services in container terminals with a Planning and Control-based operational pattern, ranging from Vessel Planning, Berth Planning, Yard Planning, to Control Tower. TOS Nusantara comes with several advantages such as implementing solutions on several sites in one system (multi-tenant), ease of tracing and tracking cargo within the terminal (cargo visibility), optimizing terminal business operations processes in providing cargo/container services (Terminal Optimizer), low investment costs with volume-based pricing and cloud-based infrastructure (Low Investment), and ease of integration of data and surrounding systems (Open for Integration).

“The implementation of TOS Nusantara will provide various benefits. From the terminal side, the preparation time for operational planning becomes more optimal with advanced vessel planning and core functionality that supports port operational services. From the customer side, all customer data and profiles are managed systematically and the TOS system is ready to be integrated with the systems owned by customers or other environments,” explained Wahyu.

The implementation of TOS Nusantara is part of the digital transformation agenda being carried out by IPC TPK. As one of the largest container terminal operators in Indonesia, IPC TPK is currently moving towards integrated systematization (Integration).

Located in the Tanjung Priok 1 Terminal 009 area, the inauguration of TOS Nusantara & Single Billing was carried out by IPC TPK CEO Wahyu Hardiyanto and attended by IPC TPK CFO & HR Director Irwan Favoriet, Pelindo Regional 2 Tanjung Priok GM Silo Santoso, Representative of Pelindo Terminal Petikemas Subholding Syaiful Amin, and IPC TPK management. At the inauguration, a joint prayer activity was carried out with children from Sahabat Yatim.

“Alhamdulillah today we can apply TOS Nusantara & Single Billing in the Tanjung Priok 1 Terminal 009 area. We hope that TOS Nusantara can become an example system for other terminals in Indonesia and be beneficial for the nation and state,” concluded Wahyu.