• June 11, 2024

Jakarta, June 11, 2024 – IPC Terminal Petikemas collaborated with the North Jakarta City Government to conduct a socialization event on the procedures for slaughtering sacrificial animals. This initiative targeted mosque administrators and sacrificial animal slaughtering committees, to be held at the North Jakarta City Mayor’s Office. Symbolically, IPC TPK provided 100 slaughtering knives and 100 sheets of 20-square-meter plastic sheets for meat handling, presented by Pramestie Wulandary, Corporate Secretary of IPC TPK, to Unang Rustanto, Head of the Sub-Division of Food Security, Marine Affairs and Agriculture of North Jakarta City Administration.

Guna Mulyana, President Director of IPC Terminal Petikemas, emphasized IPC TPK’s role as a collaborator in this socialization initiative organized by the North Jakarta City Government, in preparation for the upcoming Eid al-Adha 1445 H/2024 M.

The event aims to educate and guide mosque administrators and sacrificial animal slaughtering committees on proper procedures aligned with the principles of Safe, Healthy, Intact, and Halal (ASUH), ensuring that the distributed sacrificial meat meets these standards.

Participants in the socialization and training session will receive training on sacrificial animal slaughtering procedures and will be equipped with necessary tools such as slaughtering knives and plastic sheets for meat handling during their respective activities. This assistance underscores the company’s commitment to achieving Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) 2.2.2(a) related to food consumption quality indicated by the Food Consumption Pattern Score (PPH).

“We hope that the assistance provided will support the ongoing programs of the North Jakarta City Government in ensuring the proper execution of sacrificial animal slaughtering for residents in the vicinity of Tanjung Priok Port Area 1. We trust that our contribution will be beneficial, facilitating the execution of sacrificial animal slaughtering and bringing blessings to the people of North Jakarta,” concluded Guna.