• September 6, 2023

Bandar Lampung, September 6, 2023 – IPC Terminal Petikemas/IPC TPK has undertaken several initiatives to support the government’s efforts to enhance the distribution of goods in Lampung, both through exports and imports. One such initiative is bringing in large vessels to dock at IPC TPK’s Panjang Area and upgrading the loading and unloading equipment as planned by Pelindo Terminal Petikemas, the shareholder of IPC TPK.

“Recognizing the port’s role as the gateway to the economy, IPC TPK will continue to optimize its contribution to the national economic growth through the value of exports and imports, particularly in the Lampung region, where the primary commodities are agricultural products,” explained Guna Mulyana, CEO of IPC TPK.

On September 2, the vessel MV MSC Bremerhaven V docked, with a length overall (LOA) of 294 meters, making it the longest container service vessel in the history of IPC TPK’s Panjang Area. The arrival of this large vessel, with an increasing cargo capacity, opens up the potential for the growth of exports and imports with more efficient loading and unloading costs. The New Panamax-type vessel has a capacity of 14,500 TEUs. Previously, the vessel departed from Tanjung Pelepas, Malaysia, and will continue its journey to Jakarta.

Not stopping there, Pelindo Terminal Petikemas supports these efforts through the renewal of loading and unloading equipment to ensure operational readiness and meet the service needs of customers. To better serve large vessels, IPC TPK’s Panjang Area is planned to be equipped with an additional Quay Container Crane.

According to the data from the Lampung Provincial Central Statistics Agency, the export-import activities in Lampung showed a significant increase in July 2023. The export value of Lampung Province in July 2023 reached US$428.91 million, representing an increase of US$36.79 million or 9.38% compared to June 2023, which recorded US$392.13 million. The import value of Lampung Province in July 2023 reached US$321.95 million, experiencing an increase of US$147.99 million or 85.07% compared to June 2023, which was recorded at US$173.97 million.

“We hope that the servicing of large vessels can stimulate new industries due to the ease of goods distribution and attract more large vessels to dock at Panjang Port,” concluded Guna.