• June 4, 2022

Jakarta, June 4, 2022 – IPC Terminal Petikemas/IPC TPK is once again serving the new China Indonesia Service route (Jakarta-Surabaya-Ningbo-Nansha) through MV MTT Samalaju, which docked at Terminal 3 Tanjung Priok to load and unload 1,153 TEUs of containers. This new route is expected to provide opportunities for exporters and importers with goods destined for the Land of the Bamboo Curtain.

“The opening of this new route is expected to contribute to strengthening the economy amid the significant increase in the prices of various leading commodities. As the terminal operator, we will continue to make efforts to open new routes to maximize operational performance and lead to a reduction in logistics costs,” said David Sirait, Commercial and Business Development Director of IPC TPK.

The MV MTT Samalaju ship owned by PT Pelayaran Bengal Tiger Line and represented by PT Tisco Sindo Logistics has a LOA of 159.98 meters, BEAM of 24.61 meters, Draught of 7.7 meters, and a maximum capacity of 1,200 TEUs of containers. The ship adds to the options for the China Indonesia Service that were already available.

The welcoming ceremony for the MV MTT Samalaju was held at the Terminal 3 Tanjung Priok dock. The ship was greeted by representatives from PT Tisco Sindo Logistics Indonesia, PT Pelayaran Bengal Tiger Line, and PT IPC Terminal Petikemas management to officially mark the opening of the new China Indonesia Service.

“This strategic step is IPC TPK’s effort to maintain Indonesia’s export value, drive economic growth and the welfare of the community. Our hope is that this ship can have a positive impact on exporters and importers because it is an additional fleet in the China Indonesia Service and provides added value to all stakeholders,” concluded David.