• June 7, 2022

Jakarta, June 7, 2022 – IPC Terminal Petikemas/IPC TPK has provided free eyeglasses aid to hundreds of students from the Al-Mubasyirin Private Islamic Elementary School (MIS) in Kalibaru, North Jakarta. Taking place in the MIS Al-Mubasyirin classroom, 140 students from grades 1-6 enthusiastically participated in the eye examination and received eyeglasses according to their examination results at the IPC TPK Help Students See Clearly event.

Wahyu Hardiyanto, the CEO of IPC TPK, stated that as the operator of the IPC TPK port, they are committed to making a positive contribution to the sustainability of education and health, especially in the port’s surrounding environment. Social responsibility for empowering the community based on the environment is the key to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which will strengthen the company’s business.

It is hoped that this Environmental Social Responsibility Action (TJSL) by IPC TPK can help students focus more on face-to-face learning (PTM) after almost 2 years of the Covid-19 pandemic, which required teaching and learning activities to be conducted online. This activity is part of IPC TPK’s 9th anniversary celebration on July 10th and also commemorates National Education Day in May.

“IPC TPK cares about the difficulties of the next generation, in this case, students who have visual impairments (myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, etc.). The eye examination and distribution of free eyeglasses are expected to support teaching and learning activities to become more optimal, especially for students with economic limitations that hinder their learning quality,” said Wahyu Hardiyanto.

Symbolically, IPC TPK’s Corporate Secretary & External Relations, Amanda Maulina, handed over the free eyeglasses aid to Sumiati, the Headmistress of MIS Al-Mubasyirin. Based on the eye examination results, students who were found to have farsightedness and needed reading aids will be given free eyeglasses.

“We warmly welcome IPC TPK’s program to provide free eyeglasses aid. This aid is very helpful for students in 100% face-to-face learning activities. In addition, this aid is the first aid provided in the last two years after the Covid-19 pandemic,” said Sumiati, Headmistress of MIS Al-Mubasyirin.

The main target of providing free eyeglasses is for elementary, junior high, and senior high school students who are unable to afford eyeglasses and/or have achieved academic excellence. Not only in the field of education, but IPC TPK’s TJSL program is also actively providing aid to people affected by natural and non-natural disasters.

The TJSL program designed by IPC TPK refers to ISO 26000 and has three main aspects: environmental, socio-economic, and governance, which in its implementation refers to TJSL’s vision to realize the optimization of port operational activities by utilizing technological advances and creating economic, social, and technological sustainability in harmony with nature.