• July 2, 2022

Jakarta, July 2, 2022 – As many as 400 (four hundred) children living around the port areas participated in a mass circumcision event organized by IPC Terminal Petikemas/IPC TPK. As a form of Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility (CSER), this mass circumcision event targeted orphaned and underprivileged children in 5 port areas including Tanjung Priok, Teluk Bayur, Panjang, Palembang, and Pontianak. In addition, this program is also part of the celebration to commemorate the 9th anniversary of IPC TPK, which falls on July 10.

“Taking advantage of the long school holiday period, through this mass circumcision event, we want to contribute to ensuring the health of future generations, especially orphaned and underprivileged children living around the IPC TPK operational area. After being examined by doctors, many participants were found to have health problems with their genitals. They were unable to undergo circumcision due to limited finances. Therefore, we are here to facilitate it,” said Wahyu Hardiyanto, the CEO of IPC TPK.

IPC TPK’s Mass Circumcision is a result of the collaboration between IPC TPK’s CSER Division and PPDI (Islamic Preaching Development Center) IPC TPK. For medical treatment, circumcision is performed by the hospital owned by Pelindo Group, IHC PT Rumah Sakit Pelabuhan. The method used for this circumcision event is laser circumcision, which has the advantage of shorter bleeding or faster wound healing time and a much shorter working process.

“Our hope is that with this mass circumcision event, we can alleviate the economic burden of families and increase IPC TPK’s harmony with the surrounding community. Circumcision has many benefits, including maintaining physical health and cleanliness, as well as perfecting worship,” said Wahyu Hardiyanto, the CEO of IPC TPK.

Not only free circumcision, but participants also received school equipment, prayer equipment, special circumcision pants, snacks, lunch, and a stipend. On this occasion, the General Chairman of PPDI IPC TPK, Marwan Hakim, the Corporate Secretary & External Relations of IPC TPK, Amanda Maulina, and the Senior Manager of Human Resources & General Affairs of IPC TPK, Ferdiyan, were also present.

“We, the family of Rizki Dwi Permana, express our sincere gratitude to PT IPC TPK and the doctors as well as all the organizers who patiently served our child. Once again, we express our heartfelt thanks. May Allah repay the kindness of the gentlemen and ladies from IPC TPK and may IPC TPK always progress,” said the parent of one of the participants of IPC TPK’s Mass Circumcision.