• April 17, 2023

Jakarta, 17 April 2023 – Welcoming the upcoming Eid al-Fitr holiday on the first day of Shawwal 1444 H, IPC Terminal Petikemas/IPC TPK participates in the Social and Environmental Responsibility Program (TJSL) Mudik Bersama BUMN Pelindo 2023. This morning, the CEO of IPC TPK, Guna Mulyana, was present to send off 250 homecoming travelers from Jakarta to Semarang at the JICT 2 field in the Tanjung Priok Port. This year, IPC TPK will send 500 members of the public to go home for the holiday with the route Jakarta-Semarang-Jakarta.

“The enthusiasm of the free homecoming participants this year is extraordinary. This is the fourth year that IPC TPK has supported the Pelindo holding in delivering benefits to the port’s surrounding community through the TJSL Mudik Bersama BUMN Pelindo 2023 program. We have prepared 10 bus fleets for the Jakarta-Semarang and Semarang-Jakarta journey that can accommodate a total of 500 homecoming travelers,” explained Guna.

A total of 500 tickets were sold out in 10 minutes after registration. The public’s response to the Mudik Bersama BUMN Pelindo 2023 program was overwhelming. The requirements that must be met by prospective travelers include showing their ID card, family card, and a COVID-19 vaccine certificate of at least the second stage or the first booster shot. Participants who pass the verification stage will depart on April 17, 2023. Not only providing transportation to their hometowns, IPC TPK also provides a return trip to the capital on April 26, 2023.

One of the homecoming participants, Agus Wibowo, said, “Alhamdulillah, we are very grateful for this homecoming program, especially for me who lives around the port. Not only is the transportation free, but also various facilities such as uniforms, food, drinks, and snacks. Hopefully, next year, IPC TPK can add more fleets so that more people can benefit from the Mudik Bersama BUMN Pelindo 2023 program.”

In addition to the BUMN joint homecoming program, IPC TPK also carries out various Social and Environmental Responsibility Programs (TJSL) during the month of Ramadan, including distributing 1,200 packages of basic necessities to the community around the port, providing 1,200 snacks for stevedores, truck drivers, and service users passing through the port area, and giving out 180 charitable donations to orphans and the poor in all work areas.