• January 5, 2024

Jakarta, January 5, 2024 – The management of IPC Terminal Petikemas/IPC TPK warmly welcomes the arrival of the last ships that berthed at each terminal at the end of 2023, totaling 10 ships. This activity serves as an expression of appreciation to the shipping companies that have placed their trust in IPC TPK to provide container loading and unloading services.

Guna Mulyana, the CEO of IPC TPK, expressed utmost appreciation to service users and stakeholders for their collaboration and encouragement in contributing to the company’s performance.

Throughout 2023, IPC TPK achieved positive results with an increase in the cargo flow volume, reaching a total throughput of 2,898,878 TEUs. This marks an improvement of nearly 20,000 TEUs compared to the previous year, which recorded 2,879,118 TEUs. Concurrently, Ship Call IPC TPK also experienced an increase of 5,161 Ship Calls compared to 4,919 Ship Calls in 2022. One of the driving factors behind this achievement is the opening of 9 new services by various shipping companies through IPC TPK, covering various domestic and international routes, including Southeast Asian countries, Papua New Guinea, India, and Oman.

“In 2024, let us continue the spirit of collaboration, both from our stakeholders and service users, to further contribute to the economic growth of Indonesia,” concluded Guna.