• July 10, 2022

Jakarta, July 10th, 2022 – PT IPC Terminal Petikemas/IPC TPK celebrates the moment of Eid al-Adha by holding a Social and Environmental Responsibility program (Tanggung Jawab Sosial Lingkungan/TJSL) with the theme IPC TPK Distributes Sacrificial Animals. A total of 29 sacrificial cows were distributed to 6 major cities in Indonesia. The distributed sacrificial animals have obtained a healthy certificate free from PMK (Foot and Mouth Disease).

The symbolic distribution of sacrificial animals was directly carried out by IPC TPK management in each operating area. According to the CEO of IPC TPK, David P. Sirait, the distribution of sacrificial animals has become a routine agenda every year before Eid al-Adha. IPC TPK continues to contribute to strengthen the relationship between the company and the surrounding environment.

Amid the ongoing PMK outbreak (Foot and Mouth Disease), the government requires farmers to obtain PMK-free certificates. IPC TPK collaborated with SMEs that provide sacrificial cows which have PMK-free certificates. Thus, the distributed cows are eligible to be used as sacrificial animals and consumed by the community.

“The sacrificial animals were distributed to several orphanages, foundations, mosques, and learning centers in the vicinity of the port. Hopefully, the distribution of sacrificial animals can be a blessing for the community and all of us,” said David, concluding his statement.