• July 11, 2022

Jakarta, July 11, 2022 – PT Pelindo Terminal Petikemas, as the majority shareholder of IPC Terminal Petikemas/IPC TPK, has appointed a new Board of Directors. This appointment is based on the Decision of Shareholders Outside the General Meeting of Shareholders of PT IPC Terminal Petikemas with number SK-001/PII-SK.D/VII/2022 and HM.03.03/4/7/1/PAPU/DRSK/PLTP-22 regarding the Dismissal and Appointment of Directors of PT IPC Terminal Petikemas. The handover of positions took place on Monday, July 11, 2022, at the IPC TPK headquarters.

PT Pelindo Terminal Petikemas entrusted David Pandapotan Sirait as the President Director and Acting Director of Commercial & Business Development, Yanuar Evyanto as the Director of Finance & HR, and Ahmad Mimbar as the Director of Operations & Technology at PT IPC Terminal Petikemas. Previously, the position of President Director was held by Wahyu Hardiyanto, who has now entered retirement. In addition, the position of Director of Finance & HR was previously held by Irwan Favoriet, who was appointed as a Director at New Priok Container Terminal 1 (NPCT1).

“We believe that this decision by the shareholders will make IPC TPK even more solid and bring IPC TPK to continue to grow and synergize,” said the President Director of IPC TPK, David Pandapotan Sirait.

With the decision made, it is certainly a great responsibility for the Board of Directors appointed at this time. Hopefully, with the composition of the Board of Directors of IPC Terminal Petikemas, it can bring innovation that advances the company and realizes the vision of IPC TPK as an integrated international terminal operator with the maritime ecosystem.

Therefore, the composition of the IPC TPK Board of Directors is as follows:

  1. President Director: David Pandapotan Sirait
  2. Director of Operations & Technology: Ahmad Mimbar
  3. Acting Director of Commercial & Business Development: David Pandapotan Sirait
  4. Director of Finance & HR: Yanuar Evyanto