• March 16, 2023

Jakarta, March 16, 2023 – IPC Terminal Petikemas/IPC TPK brought home two awards at the 2023 BUMN Awards. These awards were obtained after going through three stages of judging processes conducted by BUMN Track and PPM Management. IPC TPK received awards for the Best CEO Vision for BUMN Subsidiaries category in the name of David Pandapotan Sirait and the Market Expansion Excellent for BUMN Subsidiaries category.

“In 2022, IPC TPK continued its transformation and innovation that drives productivity in order to provide optimal services to users. These steps are expected to encourage the company’s contribution to logistics cost efficiency in Indonesia,” said Yanuar Evyanto, Finance & HR Director of IPC TPK.

The role of BUMN in creating economic and social value for the nation is important. To meet the demands of the dynamic world, BUMN needs a transformation process through digitalization instruments. The BUMN Awards is an annual award event for BUMN companies, BUMN subsidiaries, and BUMN managers (CEOs) held to appreciate the governance performance of BUMN towards business achievement and its impact on society.

With competent jury members chaired by Dr. Tanri Abeng MBA, this 12th edition of the event carries the theme ‘Accelerating Digital Transformation, Innovation and BUMN Business Recovery.’ IPC TPK’s Finance & HR Director Yanuar Evyanto and Operations & Technical Director Ahmad Mimbar directly received the awards at the 2023 BUMN Awards in Jakarta on Wednesday (15/3).

“The appreciation we received serves as a driving force for management and employees to contribute to the process of transforming the maritime ecosystem in Indonesia and to increase national economy through port services that are in line with the principles of Good Corporate Governance (GCG),” Yanuar concluded.