• February 28, 2024

Jakarta, February 28, 2024 – IPC Terminal Petikemas/IPC TPK, a subsidiary of Pelindo Terminal Petikemas, continues to innovate in providing added value for service users. IPC TPK in the Teluk Bayur area collaborates with 5 shipping companies and Pelindo Regional 2 Teluk Bayur to sign a joint commitment to ensure the smooth handling of cargo at IPC TPK Area Teluk Bayur.

“We encourage port stakeholders’ involvement in ensuring the smooth handling of cargo activities through the signing of a joint commitment with Pelindo Regional 2 Teluk Bayur and 5 Shipping Companies regarding Service Level Guarantee (SLG), Service Level Agreement (SLA), and Berthing Contract,” said Guna Mulyana.

The cooperation agreement includes providing terminal facility availability guarantees and performance in accordance with agreed berthing time allocations. The signing was conducted by the General Manager of Pelindo Regional 2 Teluk Bayur, the Area Manager of PT IPC TPK Area Teluk Bayur, and 5 shipping companies, namely Meratus Line, Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines, Temas Shipping, Tanto Intim Line, and Pelayaran Pelangi Tunggal Ika. The signing was witnessed by representatives of DPC INSA Padang and the President Director of PT IPC TPK.

Teluk Bayur Port is one of the strategic ports in Indonesia and a gateway to economic activities in Padang City, West Sumatra. Additionally, Teluk Bayur Port is also the backbone of the economy of West Sumatra through maritime access. Therefore, Teluk Bayur Port has a strategic position in supporting the national economy through the smooth flow of goods connected to the logistics ecosystem. West Sumatra has superior commodities such as gambier, betel nut, and cinnamon.

“The services of IPC TPK Area Teluk Bayur to service users will continue to be improved to support economic growth in the West Sumatra region. It is hoped that with the signing of the commitment we are carrying out today, we can continue to support entrepreneurs in the West Sumatra region through the optimization of terminal services,” concluded Guna.