• February 22, 2024

Jakarta, February 22, 2024 – IPC Terminal Petikemas/IPC TPK, a subsidiary of Pelindo Terminal Petikemas, has once again implemented the Corporate Social Responsibility & Environmental (CSRE) Program around Tanjung Priok Port. The CSRE program, in the form of educational infrastructure assistance, specifically Smart TVs, was delivered to the Barunawati Nusantara Foundation in Tanjung Priok to enhance the quality of inclusive education around Tanjung Priok Port and demonstrate care for educational quality.

The Chairperson of the Barunawati Nusantara Foundation, Sumastri Sarwasih, expressed appreciation to IPC TPK for the educational infrastructure assistance provided. Currently, we have 1 television unit used in 1 out of a total of 6 classes. This assistance is very beneficial in supporting the smoothness of the teaching and learning process to be more optimal.

This year, IPC TPK distributed educational infrastructure assistance in the form of 5 units of 55-inch 4K Smart TVs to the Barunawati Nusantara Foundation. Previously, in 2020, IPC TPK had provided assistance in the form of 36 sets of desks and chairs for the Barunawati Nusantara Foundation.

The President Director of IPC TPK, Guna Mulyana, explained that this assistance is a manifestation of the company’s concern, particularly in the field of education for the residents around the Tanjung Priok area. IPC TPK is committed to implementing the CSRE program targeting the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a focus on 3 areas: Education, Environment, and SME Development.

“Hopefully, the assistance provided can benefit both students and teachers, thus contributing to the development of future leaders,” concluded Guna.

Thus, IPC TPK not only provides container handling services to customers but also fulfills its commitment to improving the quality of education through the provision of supporting facilities.