• October 24, 2023

Jakarta, October 24, 2023 – In an effort to encourage the alleviation of social problems and environmental gaps such as unemployment around the Port of Tanjung Priok, IPC Terminal Petikemas / IPC TPK again provides additional skills through driving training complete with the making of driving licenses. This activity is part of the Social & Environmental Responsibility (CSR) Program in the context of implementing Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 8, namely increasing sustainable inclusive economic growth.

“As part of BUMN Pelindo, IPC TPK encourages the improvement of life skills for residents, especially around the port work area. With the skills possessed, it is hoped that this activity can encourage increased welfare, especially for young people of productive age who do not have jobs. Hopefully in the future, more residents can take part in similar training programs,” said Amanda, Corporate Secretary of IPC TPK.

IPC TPK supports the Government in reducing the unemployment rate through the Driving Training TJSL program as an effort to facilitate the community around Tanjung Priok to have additional skills to get a job. Referring to DKI Jakarta Disnakertransgi data, the unemployment rate in DKI Jakarta in 2023 has decreased by 0.4% while the level of employment opportunities has also increased from 0.43% compared to the previous year.

“I’m happy to be able to add experience, skills and new relationships. Hopefully the knowledge can be used. Hopefully the skills can be used and this training will continue so that others can also experience it.” said Farhan, one of the training participants.

Symbolically, the assistance for organizing driving training for Papanggo urban residents was given by Amanda Maulina as Corporate Secretary & External Relations of IPC TPK to Tomy Haryono, SE as Head of Papanggo Urban Village, Tanjung Priok. This training was attended by 10 Papanggo residents and there will be 10 driving training meetings. Each participant who passes the training will be issued an A license in order to get job opportunities that require driving skills.

The Head of Papanggo Urban Village, Tomy Haryono, appreciated the implementation of the Driving Training TJSL Program organized by IPC TPK. He said that this good step was very beneficial for residents who had not yet found a job. “Thank you to IPC TPK for their contribution in providing training to Papanggo residents. It is hoped that after obtaining a driver’s license, the driver can drive by complying with applicable regulations and prioritizing safety. Hopefully this activity can continue,” Tomy concluded.