• August 24, 2023

Jakarta, August 24, 2023 – PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero) made leadership changes in 3 (three) IPC TPK work areas. IPC TPK is Pelindo’s grandchild terminal operator which operates 10 (ten) container terminals in 6 (six) work areas in Indonesia. This appointment is based on the Decree of the Board of Directors of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia Number KP.10.02/14/8/2/RKTK/SDMA/PLND-23 dated August 14 concerning Transfer of Assignments / Positions of Employees within PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Persero).

The handover of positions was carried out on Wednesday, August 23, 2023 at the IPC TPK Head Office. Opened by the President Director of IPC TPK, in this activity the handover of the position of Area Manager was carried out in front of the Board of Directors, Area Managers and IPC TPK Management who followed the hybrid program.

“The replacement is a form of dynamics and regeneration in the Company which is expected to provide refreshment and positive collaboration in the IPC TPK work area. The newly appointed Area Manager is expected to make his best contribution to ensure performance in the area continues to grow and improve synergy with stakeholders.” said IPC TPK President Director, Guna Mulyana in his speech.

With this decision, the composition of the IPC Terminal Petikemas Area Manager is as follows:

  1. IPC TPK Tanjung Priok Area Manager I: Hermana Widhyohadi
  2. IPC TPK Tanjung Priok II Area Manager: Adi Saputra Darmansyah
  3. IPC TPK Terminal Support Area Manager: Kristianto Edi Sarjono
  4. IPC TPK Teluk Bayur Area Manager: Erika Sudarto
  5. IPC TPK Palembang Area Manager: Agustian Chandra
  6. IPC TPK Panjang Area Manager: Budi Daryono
  7. IPC TPK Jambi Area Manager: Anang Subagyono
  8. IPC TPK Pontianak Area Manager: M. Loutfie Hidayat

Adi Saputra Darmansyah who previously served as Palembang Area Manager filled the vacant position of IPC TPK Tanjung Priok II Area Manager previously held by Sarkani who had entered retirement. The Palembang Area Manager position was then filled by Agustian Chandra who previously served as the Teluk Bayur Area Manager. The position of Teluk Bayur Area Manager was filled by Erika Sudarto who previously served as Operations Manager at Pelindo’s Regional 2 Long Branch Operations Section.

“Congratulations on carrying out the mandate. With the formation of the new Area Manager ranks, it is hoped that it can improve service quality, encourage unexplored potential and fulfill the RKAP targets set by shareholders.”, Guna concluded.