• March 30, 2021

Lampung, 30th March, 2021 – PT IPC Terminal Petikemas / IPC TPK, a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero), was held an IPCHUB (IHUB) socialization and training activity which was attended by container terminal service users in the Panjang Port Area such as Cargo Owners, EMKL, and Trucking Company. Commercial & Business Development Director of PT IPC TPK, David Sirait and President Commissioner of IPC TPK, Muarip was attended this event.

IPC TPK advance the services in the port are into digital era in order to improve their service quality and to added value to the service users. IHUB increase the service facilities so that IPC TPK customers can relish the facilites in real time, anywhere and anytime. ” David said.

IHUB is a single platform that merge all the port services in order to make it simple for the service users to do the transactions without switch the applications. The platform completed with features such as Receiving & Delivery, E-Payment, E-Billing and Truck Management, IHUB can make it simple for the service users to trace (tracing & tracking) the containers thru a mobile phone device.

“IHUB strive to increase customer satisfaction in transactions with IPC TPK. We expected IHUB will facilitate the Terminal Operator Platform which connect to the systems and transactions from Container Terminal under the coordination IPC to align with NLE Entities (National Logistic Ecosystem) neither from the goverment nor the private sectors”, David concluded.

There are 6 IPC TPK operational areas in Indonesia, IHUB was applied in the Panjang Container Terminal Area for the first time. The application probationary plan will begin in April 2021 constantly this year so all the service users can operate this application. IHUB utilization take an effort to make transparency, simplify procedures, and time and cost efficiency of IPC TPK services to the service users.