• April 1, 2021

Bukit Tinggi, April 1st, 2021 – PT IPC Container Terminal / IPC TPK, a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) / IPC, signed a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) related to the Facilites Procurement & Container Terminal Equipment for Ship Anchoring with an Assured Pattern (Berthing Window) and the Service Level Agreements with five shipping companies, PT Meratus Line, PT Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines (SPIL), PT Tanto Intim Line, PT Temas Tbk and PT ASDP Indonesia Ferry. This agreement was witnessed by Dodi Andrius, Chairman of INSA’s Padang branch, Nunu Husnul Khitam GM IPC Teluk Bayur and David P. Sirait, Director of Commercial and Business Development of IPC TPK.

“This cooperation agreement becomes our ambition to keep striving for quality and strengthening our loading and unloading container service quality in Teluk Bayur Area. IPC TPK committed to help and grow up together with business partners and the stakeholders at the port”, David Sirait said, Director of Commercial and Business Development of IPC TPK.

The target of cooperation agreement is to optimize the utilization of container facilities at the Container Terminal of the Port of Teluk Bayur, to gives the best performance of loading and unloading containers services and to ensure the berth of ships as a schedule has been agreed.

At the same time, a Service Letter Guarantee was also signed between the IPC for the Container Terminal in the Teluk Bayur area and the IPC for the Teluk Bayur Port Branch which aims to ensure the standard quality of services at the Teluk Bayur Port. This Service Letter Guarantee is valid for one year, signed by Nunu Husnul Khitam, General Manager of IPC Teluk Bayur Branch and Agustian Chandra, IPC Area Manager for the Teluk Bayur Area TPK.
At the end of his speech, David conveyed “Various innovations, digitization and strategic initiatives are enterprisig being carried out by IPC TPK in order to improve the operational performance and to synergize with stakeholders for the IPC TPK’s vision as a world class maritime ecosystem.” David closed.